Spend Christmas at Behringer’s Traube
for festive fun

A roaring fire, a glass of good red wine, the heavenly aroma of Christmas baking. Look forward to spending a wonderful time together with your nearest and dearest; spend the most festive season of the year with us in a beautifully decorated environment. You’ll have such a happy time you’ll look back on it with fond memories. With traditional Feuerzangenbowle punch, Linzertorte, delicious food and great conversation.

All round the snowy Black Forest are Christmas markets, large and small. Do try to give yourself a reasonable break at Christmas so that you can properly relax and gather strength for the year to come.

We’ve thought of every Christmassy detail!

We go all-out for the Christmas decor at Behringer’s Traube – down to the last detail. And the glorious smells of the roaring fire, cookies, cinnamon and nutmeg create the perfect atmosphere. You will just love this Christmas!