Personalised treatments for your own wellbeing

Place yourself in the expert hands of our wellness therapist.

You can choose classic applications such as relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage or reflexology, or one of the fabulous oriential treatments such as Ayurveda or orange peel mask with oil compress to enhance your beauty.

The nearby Cassiopeia Thermae baths are a wonderful place for swimming, wellness and pure enjoyment in that most primordial of elements – water.

Cassiopeia Thermae baths in Badenweiler

Health-giving thermal waters, a special kind of fun in the sauna, sophisticated bathing culture in the Roman-Irish bath, international wellness packages – all these contribute to the uniqueness of the Cassiopeia Thermae baths in Badenweiler.

The Cassiopeia Thermae baths in Badenweiler are not only good for health; their stylish atmosphere brings balm to the soul too. The daily length of stay is unlimited so you have plenty of time to enjoy the whole range of things to do in this fabulous Baden-Württemberg spa, which has been awarded five “Wellness Stars”.

Photo credit: Badenweiler Thermen und Touristik GmbH (Photographer: Karin Schmeißer)

Special offer: Carpe Diem

Come and stay at Behringer´s Traube and let yourself be thoroughly spoilt!
Bathe in the Cassiopeia Thermae baths.

  • 4 nights’ accommodation
  • delicious breakfast buffet each day
  • 1 x bottle of wine from the Behringer winery
  • 4 x evening meals (3 courses) including 1 drink
  • 1 x thermal spa sessions in the Cassiopeia Thermae baths
  • 1 x sauna world
  • 1 x feel-good massage

per guest € 360.00

Individual treatments

Treatment Minutes
Lomi Lomi Nui massage
Hawaiian holistic treatment for deeply effective relaxation
50 77,00
Marija’s Roman massage 50 61,00
Ayurvedic full body oil massage 70 80,00
Reflexology including footbath 50 61,00
Reflexology 30 32,00
RBack and neck massage
includes massage of head and hands
30 30,00
Warm cushion with volcanic mud “can be booked in conjunction with massage treatment” 10,00
Garshan Ayurvedic massage with silk gloves 50 61,00
Shirodhara oil massage 40 59,00
Californian full body oil massage 50 61,00
Lymphatic drainage 30 35,00
Lymphatic drainage 50 58,00
Full body oil massage with chocolate content 50 77,00
Hot stone therapy
hot and cold lava stones
70 80,00
Shiatsu finger pressure massage 50 61,00
Treatment Minutes
Intensiv – face care 90 75,00
Classic – face care 90 75,00
Manicure with varnishing 60 48,00
Maniküre without varnishing 45 48,00
Pedicure with varnishing 60 32,00
Pedicure without varnishing 45 38,00