Wines from the Markgräflerland

A special recommendation for wine connoisseurs …
Winery/private wine cellar Ernst & Adolf Behringer OHG

“Wine-making is not just a question of philosophy and commitment –
wine-making is our passion.”

Young winemakers Bernd and Thomas Behringer

These two discovered their love of winemaking when they were very young. Seeing how something grows, is harvested and becomes an enjoyable wine is still fascinating to Bernd and Thomas Behringer.

Sun, vines, warmth and gentle countryside with softly rolling hills and valleys – where can you find such an area? In the beautiful Markgräflerland, between Basel and Freiburg.

In the centre of this picturesque countryside lies the idyllic little village of Britzingen where vines have been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Superb grapes are cultivated on sun-drenched vine-covered hillsides, on loess and clay soil, gneiss and lime marl, producing a most exceptional wine.

The Gutedel (Chasselas) grape is typical of the Markgräflerland. Now though a number of very different grapes varieties are also grown, giving a special accent to the pinot gris, pinot blanc and pinot noir of the Burgundy family.

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