Explore and discover the area around Behringer’s Traube
on the sunny side of the southernmost part of the Black Forest

What do you feel like doing?

Perhaps you just want to laze around reading a book on the lawns at Behringer´s Traube, relax with a glass of Gutedel wine or feel great with a massage in the Wellness area. Or maybe you would rather go out and do something further afield.

You are sure to find something you will enjoy in the area around the Traube. You could go and explore the countryside, discover some of our traditional crafts, do something active and sporty, or just go with the flow …

… here are just some suggestions of what you can do during your stay. And there are plenty more ideas at Reception.

You won’t regret coming to visit us, that’s for sure!

You’ll feel great in Badenweiler

The Mediterranean spa oasis in the Black Forest

Its mild climate and superb air have earned the community of Badenweiler in the southern Black Forest and Markgräflerland its prestigious title of “health resort”. This beautiful spot on the sunny side of the south-western part of Germany has so much to offer that active travellers, those looking for tranquillity, nature lovers and those looking for a good time all choose to come here. Badenweiler has invested in exceptional thermal baths, sauna worlds and oases of tranquillity in the beautiful Black Forest, so that you can leave behind all the stresses and strains of your daily life. Have a look at our website. You are sure to find some attractive holiday ideas or spa offers close to the Dreiländereck (the conjunction of the three countries of Germany, France and Switzerland).

The Gutedel vineyards on the Burgberg mountain

The Gutedel (Chasselas) grape was first cultivated on the hills of the Burgberg 250 years ago. The State Viticultural Institute in Freiburg has a botanical show vineyard here, covering nearly 20 acres, with numerous variants and mutations of 5,000-year-old grape varieties. There are display posters which present interesting information. You can tour the vineyards at any time of year, though of course it is especially appealing in the autumn.

Badenweiler Kurhaus

You will certainly find something that appeals to you in the lively programme of events in the Kurhaus, which lies below the castle ruins. The bistro is a perfect place to relax after a long walk, and there are concerts or talks almost every day. Every Sunday between 3pm and 6pm you can go to one of the popular tea dances.

Photo credit: Badenweiler Thermen und Touristik GmbH (Photographer: Karin Schmeißer)

Badenweiler castle

Burg Badenweiler lies within an English landscaped garden that was created in the 19th century. The castle was destroyed at the end of the 17th century. The climb up to the castle is rewarding for the fabulous view if nothing else. The guided tours to “The Paradise garden in Markgräflerland”, organised at least once a month, are very interesting.

Cultural highlights

Theatre, concerts of everything from classical to jazz, comedy, cabaret, lectures and exhibitions – there’s never a dull moment.

The Badenweiler Music Festival in spring and autumn attracts numerous classical music lovers from near and far. Stars from the classical world make a point of coming here mostly at the end of April and beginning of November. Then in October for book worms we have the Badenweiler Literature Festival, with talks and lectures in the special atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Römerbad. It is always fascinating to meet authors and converse with like-minded literature lovers.

We don’t just offer literature and classics. Those who love light entertainment are not forgotten. Just browse through the events programme or ask for suggestions at the Behringer’s Traube reception.

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Sport, countryside and fun

Badenweiler is a health resort and holiday destination steeped in tradition, the climate is mild, the countryside is wonderful, and the number of things you can do to fill your day is endless. You can go for a hike, or bike ride, play golf, immerse yourself in the Cassiopeia Thermae baths, whip yourself into shape, or feast on delicious local food from the Baden region. You can search out a new favourite tipple from the local wineries or leave Badenweiler to explore the Dreiländereck area where Germany, France and Switzerland meet.

And here’s a useful tip: you can travel all over the region by bus and train free of charge with the Badenweiler Konus visitor card.

Photo credit: Badenweiler Thermen und Touristik GmbH (Photographer: Karin Schmeißer)

UNESCO Black Forest biosphere reserve

Not far from Badenweiler is the UNESCO Black Forest biosphere conservation area, covering an area of around 630 square kilometres and 28 municipalities. It contains fabulous countryside in which traditions hundreds of years old are fostered.

One of the distinctive features of the countryside here in the Black Forest were the common pasture lands. For the most part these have now disappeared, but those that remain are now protected and maintained in the reserve. Cattle from different farms are driven together onto the mountain pastures used by the community, right up to the highest altitudes, and here they eat grass and mountain herbs – developing excellent muscle strength through physical exercise. Distinctive pasture beech trees, often growing on their own, cover the pasture land. They provide shelter for the cattle.

The designation as biosphere reserve by UNESCO helps to preserve the biodiversity and cultural variety of the Black Forest. By visiting the area and showing an interest, you are also contributing to maintaining sustainable development and preservation of species. Our biosphere reserve is the most recent of the 16 areas in Germany.

Energetic and sporty or revelling in relaxation

There is strict nature conservation within the core zones of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. The other areas are managed sustainably in a way that previously was a matter of course. So people in the southern Black Forest maintain the age-old traditions: they use hydropower and wood for resource-friendly energy generation, and thanks to local sustainable marketing of milk, cheese and meat, ancient, almost forgotten breeds of cattle are once again thriving.
There are hiking and adventure trails within this unique landscape waiting to be discovered. The biosphere reserve has its own calendar of events, offering dawn walks, walks to listen to songbirds, or working parties to repair some of the wonderful walkways. There is something for everybody. Watch the woodcarvers at work, visit old Black Forest houses, learn about the customs of the Black Forest in all their diversity.

Combine tradition and modern

Green energy above all stands for sustainable management. So for instance the waste heat from a traditional ham production facility in Bonndorf is fed into a purpose-made heat grid.

To preserve the special building culture particular to the Black Forest, the Federal State is promoting the conservation and renovation of traditional Black Forest farm buildings to make them fit for new purpose. So a dilapidated farm might become a community centre, a multifunctional hall or a market barn. These are interesting examples that are worth visiting. These projects very often reveal a lot about the history, traditions and original use of the state farms which without this programme would increasingly disappear from the countryside.

Excursions here in the Black Forest


Kaiserstuhl (literally ‘Emperor’s chair’) is a small range of hills of volcanic origin with a maximum height of 556.6 metres. It lies in the Upper Rhine plain in the south west of Baden-Württemberg in the districts of Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. About 55 km from Badenweiler.


Lake Titisee with its Seestraße is one of the best-known holiday destinations in Germany. The lakeside with its view of the beautiful Black Forest lake is a magnet for holiday makers seeking relaxation. Titisee is a lake in the south of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. It covers an area of 1.3 km2 and has an average depth of 20 m. About 63 km from Badenweiler.


The climatic health resort of Schluchsee lies on the lake of the same name in the middle of the Black Forest at a height of between 930 and 1,300 metres. The largest lake in the Black Forest is also the Forest’s water sports centre and for many years has been one of the cleanest bathing lakes in Germany. About 64 km from Badenweiler.

Schloss Bürgeln

Bürgeln castle lies at a height of 665.4 metres on a wooded hilltop above Obereggenen, part of the municipality of Schliengen. Politically it now belongs to the municipality of Schliengen in the Lörrach district of Baden-Württemberg. About 13 km from Badenweiler.

Neuenfels castle

Neuenfels castle, built in the 13th century, lies at a height of 595 metres on a mountain spur between Badenweiler and Britzingen. Until the 16th century it was the seat of the “von Neuenfels” knights. A small plaque at the bottom of the stairs provides information about its history. This once-proud castle is shrouded in a dark secret commemorated in a moritat (murder ballad): in the year 1540 the knight, his family and his servants were all found murdered. The crime was never solved. After this grim event, the castle was never again inhabited, and the building fell into ruins. About 4 km from Badenweiler.

Staufen castle

A walk of 15 minutes takes you to the castle ruins towering above Staufen. The former seat of the Barons von Staufen – who also brought the magician Faust into the town as an alchemist – offers a breath-taking view of the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine plain. About 14 km from Badenweiler.


The 1,493 m high Feldberg, the highest peak in the whole Black Forest, is part of the climatic health resort of Feldberg. Around Feldberg there are idyllic walkways and magnificent panoramas. The best place to start the most beautiful tours through this alpine hiking area is the mountain stop of the Feldberg cable car at 1,450 metres. About 49 km from Badenweiler.


The Belchen mountain may not be the highest, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful mountains in the Black Forest. Its striking shape (which is most clearly visible when you approach from Münstertal or from Kleinen Wiesental) and the fabulous views from the peak attract numerous visitors both in summer and winter. There are also very interesting animals and plants to be found on Belchen, many of which are rare species, some found nowhere else in Germany. Since 2001, cars have not been allowed on the top of the mountain but it is easy to reach with the Belchen cable car, or of course on foot on by bike. About 37 km from Badenweiler.


The Teufelsgrund visitor mine in Münstertal is a year-round tourist destination for the whole family. It’s not just during the summer that families venture down into the depths of the mine; a visit to the former silver mine is a great excursion on a gloomy afternoon in spring or autumn.


Europa-Park is a theme park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg. About 74 km from Badenweiler.